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The Finish

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At the finish of this course it is amazing to realize how fast ten weeks can be. It has been an interesting journey into the world of libraries. There is much more to the learning commons than filing books and shushing kids.
In this class you learn about collections, you learn about the web world’s importance in libraries, you learn about great resources like United Library Services and Highfield and you learn that you need to learn more.
The one thing you do not learn is how to run the Symphony program that the CBE uses. Many students were commenting that this was a disappointment for them, for the Symphony program runs the school libraries. To enhance your chance of employment volunteering in the library and tackling that darn Symphony course somehow ,would give you the extra edge.
The class does encourage self learning so perhaps learning this would be your own lesson, but the trick is you need access to the Calgary Board of Education website. Of course Linda SK our teacher is charming and so passionate about her career that listening to her lectures is totally worth every penny of admission.

Thank you Linda and thank you Chinook Learning Services.


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Alas, unfortunately I had to miss my seventh class, so sad. Those children of mine, of which I have plenty shared their cold with me.  As a result I have had to read my notes that Linda Shantz, my dear teacher had given me, thank you Linda.

So the main theme was what constitutes a good keep for the library. There is much emphasis on the quality of the literature, the date it was published and the shape (binding, wear of pages) a book would be in. To maintain a collection you not only need to know what to keep but also what not to keep.  Which is how I am feeling about my household items this very minute. Where did all of this STUFF come from??

There is also a check list for yearly schedules. It is amazing, I am going to laminate that baby as I feel it may be a life raft that I will need. The more I learn about libraries and the requirements of the staff, I feel that the librarians need to employ a PR firm so that they are better appreciated!

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