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Borrowing Books

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Borrowing books is a wondorus event. You get the joy and the discovery without the expense. I borrow books all of the time, whether it be from the library or from friends.
My friend M, recently told me that books that are dog eared and messed up a bit look like they have been enjoyed and loved. Now part of me agrees with that, I once borrowed a book from my niece which was hard to read as the spine had never been cracked, I almost neeeded physio to fix my neck after that read.
But and here it is..BUT when someone lends you a book, it should come back in the shape you received it. Recently my “friend” returned a book which she had received in almost perfect condition to me, that she had read in the tub. My book is almost destroyed. I was actually apalled, it felt disrespectful to such a good book, The Help and disrespectful to me that she would not keep it in better condition. WTH when I said enjoy, did it sound like destroy?
I now realize she is probably borrowing from friends as the library has probably banned her, with good cause.
Books are gifts from the author, and they should not be destroyed with a bathtub. Is it wrong to drop a friendship over a book? Not sure if that is the right priorities or the wrong?



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