Ta Da

AS the last of the presentations finish up, it is great to be privy to all of the knowledge our fellow students have acquired, without having to do the research ourselves.
To date, we have had some very interesting ideas, a book about libraries, written and published, a survey done about libraries for grades 4-6, a mock website made, a power point on how to do the best power point and a mock interview. We have also had blogs, power points, the Dewey decimal system, and with all of this, a steep learning curve in technology.I wanted to include all of this, as when I was struggling to find an appropriate idea, I would have loved some direction and insight.
It is crazy as what had started as 10 weeks with strangers has turned into an enjoyable evening with friends. It is nice to see the warmth and support this group offers each other. We have been blessed with a group of great students.
As we venture forth in pursuit of a library position we are hoping to stay connected via the CBE Library Assistant Course alumni Facebook page. A certain direction of the future of the Library Commons, connection through technology. Good Luck!!!


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