Crazy as it seems in 3 weeks the Library Assistants  Course  from Chinook Learning will be complete. What had seemed at first a daunting challenge has now with enlightenment become very possible.
Now the trend appears to be hiring library assistants to run the elementary schools rather than a teacher librarian. I still say cost cutting but have no hard facts to back that up. If so, support and networking are important. Some great places to connect with others  are  this Facebook page, CBE Library Assistant Course and this blog

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So if running solo here are some ideas to keep your library exciting and vibrant are;
1) Scavenger Hunt
Give the students clues like some Dewey decimal numbers, description of areas, or equipment to familiarize them with the library.
2) Art Projects
Let the students develop art projects to celebrate the library. A mural of pop culture, their favourite author, or previously banned books.
3)Writing Contest
A contest centered around recommended books engages the student. Make sure to include some sporty or non-fiction books or some just plain fun books to include everyone.
4)Websites; If your school does not have a learning commons page, make one. It is a great way to engage the 21st century learner. William Aberheart High School has an amazing one, you could use as a template.
Get connected, Get informed and Get a job!

Wow do I sound like a Mom or what!!!!


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