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Class Six: Maintaining Collections

We did a mini weeding exercise of the books in the library. It was good, I had previously been very worried about maintain a collection but with these tools I think it will be doable.

Interestingly enough when I discussed this with my daughter’s school librarian she mentioned that the catholic system has a criteria about what should be weeded.

Linda SK also said that a previous student had compared maintaining a collection to up keeping her garden. So in my brief visit to Highfield, the public school’s library center I happened to meet the student.
It is interesting that what seemed like a very large learning curve is coming together and I think everyone who leaves this course with a certificate will be well-informed.

Meanwhile I am going to weed my closet, my kitchen and my husband’s beloved sweats. Shhh……….see that shh, I am on my way to being a librarian!!   

This is some of the great Highfield staff that showed me around their area, and of course this is the great big sign outside!!


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