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I am hoping that in the  future  a perspective student can  google Calgary Board of Education library assistant course offered by Chinook Learning in Calgary, and  this blog shows up. Then they will know what to expect and have a bit of experience, rather than going in blind.  It will give them the stepping stone to success in a course that is full of information and self exploration.  In a school setting, where they sometimes have to go it alone, perhaps this will give them a tiny edge in the political tap dancingof a school environment.

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4 AND 5

Blogging, Blogging, Blogging.  

Technology and teenagers are dragging even those of us who are the most passionate about books with those hard spines and those beautiful crisp pages, into the 21st century. As libraries are turning into a learning commons and much of the written word is being found on the internet what is the future of the library?  Are books going to be what vinyl is  to the music world? Is it going to be the purest form of literature? Or is the purest form still the content and the idea, not the vehicle that it comes in? Libraries are on the move, physically and virtually.
There is many learning resources on the virtual landscape; CBE homepage, School homepage, School library homepage, and the CBE System Libraries. These on-line reference centers allow access 24/7, an advantage for night owls and early risers. The trick is to teach students the difference between Fact and Folly. Staff and students need to become computer savvy.
As technology evolves so does the need for the library to also evolve. It needs to become an essential development of learning skills. The library needs to keep up with the changes that come with the new generations.

Above photo is of the United Library Services building. Do not let this photo fool you, the place is huge and full of amazing books! This is the place to go to  restock your library.

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Third Class

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One and one and one make 3. Yes, we are already into the third class.
I once again, slide in a little late and surprise so apparently is the teacher, waylaid in Lethbridge. A little suspicious as she had just been on a Jamaican holiday, probably decided to make it longer.
So we have a guest speaker Diane LF from the William Aberheart High School, whom is a teacher librarian there and as a lovely surprise, a great speaker. She is very high-tech has a great website at her school, which includes a blog and a very student friendly library site. She discusses several good sites on the computer to find accurate information. We do spend some time on the computers investigating these sites.

Half way through Linda, our actual teacher comes in, so no she did not immigrate to Jamaica, but did return to us.

We looked at the school library committee,services for students and teachers.
Going out on a limb, I think a library assistant may be in charge of “clean up on aisle 3”. You know the kind of activity, the housekeeping that makes you crazy at home, but with someone else’s kid. That is if you have a librarian teacher, and if you do not it appears you might be in charge of everything.
So I am conflicted, I am a tad bossy, so being in charge is alright and I am super good a clean up, but there might be a case of the can’t see the woods for the trees. Do not want to miss out on the passion of showing students the world through the library!!!

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Numero Deux

Second class, so great. The class originally slated for Central is moved at the very last-minute to Viscount Bennett, which adds a little splash of colour and a tiny dash of excitement to it. It of course sets our entire class back a few minutes, which is perfectly fine for a person who is always battling the clock.
I happen to sit by the most entertaining classmate, a wonderous find.

We discuss many different items. The achieving information literacy book which states the standards for school library programs in Canada. It of course can be found in print or on the website .

Linda talks about voices for libraries, which when I look it up at home, is as she says, great. Big discussion about information literacy, and how the library staff supports research and enjoyment of literature.
Also we look at the policies and procedures of the Calgary Board of Education, I mean it is a government body so there is rules.

Linda also talks about the “collection” and how it needs to be maintained. A very big responsibility for a library assistant, hopefully this does not happen, once employed. I am sure it is someone else’s job. Or on the positive side,  I could stock a lot of Fancy Nancy and Roy McGregor books.

The library staff are also meant to help students realize that all of the internet is NOT always true. Finally some back up to my cynical outlook on statements and authority.

Being a critic and a rebel may finally be rewarded.These are some photos of a brochure that the librarian at my daughter’s school printed up. They are to assist the elementary students with the Dewey decimal system.  Isn’t this a great idea?

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Think, think and Think

Of course, after years of staying home with kids where my main goal has been laundry and lunches, this homework assignment and presentation seem huge. It is a challenge to think outside the house,  I mean box.

So this first week, I wrote a children’s story about librarians, posted on which of course I think is brilliant, because I am the author. I am thinking about doing some type of illustration although I CAN NOT draw and having it bound for my presentation. Good idea or bad idea??? Hmmmm…..

Interestingly as life often is I happen to curl with a spare who is a librarian technician for the catholic board. Coincidence or Fate or perhaps neither? She mentions that the library assistant course is FABULOUS! Perhaps a friend of the teachers. She also tells me my kids story is a great idea. This worries me as it sounds like verbal judo.

I also go to work at the book fair at my daughters school where I chat non-stop about the course and ask the librarian teacher loads of questions but personally do  very little work.
I am torn between loving this course and finding the time to commit to its every success. And  am very worried because if I get a library position I will have to give up ladies hockey, which the thought of makes me very sad.

I wonder is there a hockey library that needs assistant, that might work.

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First Class Done

So a recap of our first class…. Teacher Linda SK is fabulous, great speaker very passionate and very knowledgeable.  Central Memorial is a decent location, good parking and class is of course in the library.

Course objectives: be introduced to basic library management, develop an awareness of Calgary Board of Education  policies, and become familiar with procedures of working in school library.  This is darn close to right from the book as you can tell by the lingo.

Sounds like some schools rather than having a teacher librarian with 6  years of education are downgrading to library assistants  with very little education to run the show. Cutting costs is why.

Learning Inquiry Lab and Journal equal think for yourself, and self study. In other words, use your brains.

Big Points this week; often hire from within.  That is probably just to fill the lunch room spots, honestly those poor women should get danger pay!!

Networking: As always find other library people and be friend them

Libraries are becoming very web based.  Yes, it is the 21st century. And as much as we all love books, the internet rules.

Libraries are becoming Learning Commons……..very uptown…

Make sure students can find credible sites on the net.  The alberta govt and schools run a great one

Presentation is due at the end of 10 weeks, get working, forget the laundry, forget feeding the kids, presentation, presentation.

If you are in the class bring, water and a snack.

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