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Borrowing books is a wondorus event. You get the joy and the discovery without the expense. I borrow books all of the time, whether it be from the library or from friends.
My friend M, recently told me that books that are dog eared and messed up a bit look like they have been enjoyed and loved. Now part of me agrees with that, I once borrowed a book from my niece which was hard to read as the spine had never been cracked, I almost neeeded physio to fix my neck after that read.
But and here it is..BUT when someone lends you a book, it should come back in the shape you received it. Recently my “friend” returned a book which she had received in almost perfect condition to me, that she had read in the tub. My book is almost destroyed. I was actually apalled, it felt disrespectful to such a good book, The Help and disrespectful to me that she would not keep it in better condition. WTH when I said enjoy, did it sound like destroy?
I now realize she is probably borrowing from friends as the library has probably banned her, with good cause.
Books are gifts from the author, and they should not be destroyed with a bathtub. Is it wrong to drop a friendship over a book? Not sure if that is the right priorities or the wrong?



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The Finish

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At the finish of this course it is amazing to realize how fast ten weeks can be. It has been an interesting journey into the world of libraries. There is much more to the learning commons than filing books and shushing kids.
In this class you learn about collections, you learn about the web world’s importance in libraries, you learn about great resources like United Library Services and Highfield and you learn that you need to learn more.
The one thing you do not learn is how to run the Symphony program that the CBE uses. Many students were commenting that this was a disappointment for them, for the Symphony program runs the school libraries. To enhance your chance of employment volunteering in the library and tackling that darn Symphony course somehow ,would give you the extra edge.
The class does encourage self learning so perhaps learning this would be your own lesson, but the trick is you need access to the Calgary Board of Education website. Of course Linda SK our teacher is charming and so passionate about her career that listening to her lectures is totally worth every penny of admission.

Thank you Linda and thank you Chinook Learning Services.

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Ta Da

AS the last of the presentations finish up, it is great to be privy to all of the knowledge our fellow students have acquired, without having to do the research ourselves.
To date, we have had some very interesting ideas, a book about libraries, written and published, a survey done about libraries for grades 4-6, a mock website made, a power point on how to do the best power point and a mock interview. We have also had blogs, power points, the Dewey decimal system, and with all of this, a steep learning curve in technology.I wanted to include all of this, as when I was struggling to find an appropriate idea, I would have loved some direction and insight.
It is crazy as what had started as 10 weeks with strangers has turned into an enjoyable evening with friends. It is nice to see the warmth and support this group offers each other. We have been blessed with a group of great students.
As we venture forth in pursuit of a library position we are hoping to stay connected via the CBE Library Assistant Course alumni Facebook page. A certain direction of the future of the Library Commons, connection through technology. Good Luck!!!

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So in the final countdown to our certificates, we are busy doing presentations. The point was to know what you wanted to learn and to explore and answer that. For some students a somewhat vague direction, but a very effective one.
So the presentations are a combination of public speaking and your platform of choice. So far we have had: power points, tri-fold board, e-books, and more to come. It is great to see the learning curve on technology and the self-confidence gained by speaking to peers. Of course for myself an extrovert with very few boundaries it is a more difficult task to stick to my allotted ten minutes. A captive audience my favourite thing!

Thank heavens, this is not survivor, I may be the first student voted off the island.

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Crazy as it seems in 3 weeks the Library Assistants  Course  from Chinook Learning will be complete. What had seemed at first a daunting challenge has now with enlightenment become very possible.
Now the trend appears to be hiring library assistants to run the elementary schools rather than a teacher librarian. I still say cost cutting but have no hard facts to back that up. If so, support and networking are important. Some great places to connect with others  are  this Facebook page, CBE Library Assistant Course and this blog

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So if running solo here are some ideas to keep your library exciting and vibrant are;
1) Scavenger Hunt
Give the students clues like some Dewey decimal numbers, description of areas, or equipment to familiarize them with the library.
2) Art Projects
Let the students develop art projects to celebrate the library. A mural of pop culture, their favourite author, or previously banned books.
3)Writing Contest
A contest centered around recommended books engages the student. Make sure to include some sporty or non-fiction books or some just plain fun books to include everyone.
4)Websites; If your school does not have a learning commons page, make one. It is a great way to engage the 21st century learner. William Aberheart High School has an amazing one, you could use as a template.
Get connected, Get informed and Get a job!

Wow do I sound like a Mom or what!!!!

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Liv’s Library

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Liv ‘s Library
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This was my original presentation idea, write a children’s story about libraries, illustrate it and have it bound. Problem was… can not actually draw very well!  After speaking to a fellow student, who mentioned that I did not have to re-invent the wheel, I changed my original idea a bit. So here is my cute, I think adorable story, as it is….a wheel but just a small one.

 Once upon a time there was a girl named Liv whom had curly brown hair and big brown eyes. Liv loved books, and she especially loved new books. She loved the look of the crisp new pages, she loved the uncracked spines, the new glue smell and new adventures that awaited her. When you met Liv she would say, I love books. I love everything about books. One day I will be a librarian. I am the best at reading.

Liv’s Dad said, Liv, you are just a little girl, you need to explore your options. So her Dad took her to the firehall. It was huge and red, with big shiny trucks sitting inside, several firefighters were working on the trucks, one was washing the tires, one was winding up the big hoses and one was sliding on the pole. Look at these firefighters, they are heroes, they help people in trouble, this is a great job. You might want to do this. Everyone loves a firefighter.

A very large firefighter came up to Liv and said, Hello, are you interested in working here? Liv replied this is an amazing place, you are all very talented and very brave. You make great firefighters. But I am a great reader and one day I will be a librarian.

Her Dad said she is very young, she need to explore her options. The next day he took her to the hockey rink. It was a big building and her Dad and her went to look at the Zamboni, it was almost as big as a firetruck and felt very cold. Her Dad said, Liv Look at the Zamboni Driver, he gets to sit on the big beast of a machine and clean the ice for the kids. He makes a lot of kids happy, he even gets to honk the horn at the fans. This is a great job, you might like this.

The Zamboni Driver came over, Hello There. Would you like a ride on the Zamboni? Liv replied, Your Zamboni is very, very large and it is great that it makes the ice so shiny and smooth. The ice looks amazing. But I am a great reader and one day I will be a librarian.

Her Dad said she is very young, she needs to explore her options. The next day he took her to the Police Station. At the police station they had to be buzzed in through a special door. The policeman was wearing a belt with lots of interesting tools and in the back they had special time out rooms for adults . Her Dad said, Liv Look at the officer she gets to use everything on her belt, can drive the police car with the siren shrieking and the loud-speaker going. The police help people in trouble, has a great outfit and everyone is always glad to see them. Just then an officer came to Liv and said, Would you like to join the force?

Liv replied, You are very strong and very brave. You have a cool car and great clothes and the best siren, But I am a great reader and I am going to be a librarian.

So the next day Liv took her Dad to the school library. The teacher librarian came to show them around, there were the rows of beautiful books, the fact ones arranged by numbers, the imagination ones organized by the alphabet. There were books with gold emblem awards, a smart board, e-readers and computers. There was  a cozy spot where kids could sit and read. The teacher librarian said to Liv, would you like to read to the students.

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So Liv picked out the best book in the whole library. She sat in a big chair and when the students came in, she began to read. At first she only had 4 or 5 students listening then there was 6 and soon dozens. Liv, who was a little nervous, kept reading her voice rising and falling as the story progressed and as she neared the end the only noise was Liv’s voice saying,”But because there sitting in the middle of the room was Meena. She was reading a book.”

When Liv first closed the book there was silence, not a sound to be heard. From the back of the room, the clapping began, it was Liv’s Dad. He was clapping and yelling Bravo, Bravo!! He was very loud and very happy.

As Liv and her Dad were leaving the library, he said, The library is a great place. The librarian gets to organize everything here, she gets to explore the internet and she gets to introduce the world to students. Liv, you are a great reader, you love books, I think you should be a librarian.

Liv smiled and said, Dad, I think you are on to something.

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Alas, unfortunately I had to miss my seventh class, so sad. Those children of mine, of which I have plenty shared their cold with me.  As a result I have had to read my notes that Linda Shantz, my dear teacher had given me, thank you Linda.

So the main theme was what constitutes a good keep for the library. There is much emphasis on the quality of the literature, the date it was published and the shape (binding, wear of pages) a book would be in. To maintain a collection you not only need to know what to keep but also what not to keep.  Which is how I am feeling about my household items this very minute. Where did all of this STUFF come from??

There is also a check list for yearly schedules. It is amazing, I am going to laminate that baby as I feel it may be a life raft that I will need. The more I learn about libraries and the requirements of the staff, I feel that the librarians need to employ a PR firm so that they are better appreciated!

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